New Cord Clamp Timer in the NeoCue

Exciting new feature in the NeoCue! We have added a new cord clamp timer to help clinicians track when the cord is clamped. It also reminds clinicians that the recommended time to clamp is three minutes, enabling babies to have more iron and more blood to help keep their blood volume and pressure up to help vital organs such as the brain.  Contact us today to learn more.



Cord Clamp Timer


Impact of a novel decision support tool on adherence to Neonatal Resuscitation Program algorithm

Studies have shown that healthcare professionals (HCPs) display a 16-55% error rate in adherence to the Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) algorithm. The aim of this study was to evaluate adherence to the Neonatal Resuscitation Program algorithm by subjects working from memory as compared to subjects using a decision support tool that provides auditory and visual prompts to guide implementation of the Neonatal Resuscitation Program algorithm during simulated neonatal resuscitation. Read More

Fogarty Institute: Medical Innovation News

Saving Newborns' Lives: MedicalCue Ready to Launch its Technology

Founded by Dr. Pete Coelho and led by Peter David, MedicalCue has developed a bedside tablet computer system that guides medical teams during newborn resuscitation. Much like a GPS offering real-time traffic avoidance, the startup's technology provides dynamic, real-time reference information needed during the complex steps of newborn resuscitation. Read More

Silicon Valley Business Journal

MedicalCue(™) offers tech to guide caregivers during newborn resuscitation

MedicalCue has developed technology that helps medical teams save newborns when they need to be resuscitated. Its NeoCue System automatically senses key physiologic data and, using a bedside tablet computer system, guides caregivers through resuscitation. The company said the device helps raise the accuracy of care from approximately 55 percent to 95 percent while reducing the workload on nurses and doctors by automating routine tasks such as record- and time-keeping.  Read More


Clot-Busting Inventor Breaks Barriers for Medtech Entrepreneurs

A typical entrepreneur accepted into the competitive startup incubator at the Fogarty Institute for Innovation in Mountain View, CA might be an engineer from the Stanford Biodesign Program, a formal academic program that trains students to invent medical devices. But Dr. Thomas J. Fogarty, who founded the Fogarty Institute in 2007, says he’d be equally open to a great idea that came from a hospital nurse, or even an orderly.  Read More

Fast Company

A Tech Incubator To Make Pregnancy And Childbirth Safer

Not every 79-year-old surgeon happens to run a tech incubator. Not every 79-year-old surgeon who runs a tech incubator happens to have a winery either. But Thomas Fogarty does. The doctor-entrepreneur-vintner, best known for inventing the angioplasty balloon, runs the Thomas Fogarty Winery just a few miles uphill from his medtech incubator at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View.  Read More