The Beginning

Dr. Peter Coelho, a primary care and family medicine practitioner, recognized first-hand that clinicians needed in-the-moment support and guidance, especially in crisis situations, to provide the gold standard in care.   In 2012, he founded MedicalCue to bring this vision to reality, leveraging today's technology and analytical capability to optimize decision-making in real-time in hospitals.  

With the support of the Thomas Fogarty Institute and Johnson and Johnson Innovation, he developed the Cue platform, integrating hardware and software, to inform clinical decisions in acute situations where life is at stake.  The Cue platform analyzes vital patient information and determines the best path for patient care based on evidence-based protocols developed by accredited physician organizations.

By delivering tools to improve accuracy of care, MedicalCue not only raises the standard of care but also helps to lower costs for all stakeholders.  Every year, approximately 200,000 people die from medical errors.  Up to a million additional patients experience adverse outcomes due to preventable medical errors.  In 2008, it is estimated that medical errors cost the United States $19.5 billion, of which 87% was directly associated with medical costs such as additional inpatient and outpatient care and prescription drugs, according to a study conducted by Milliman in 2010. 

The NeoCue, launched in 2016, is MedicalCue's first product for neonatal resuscitation based on the Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  You can learn more about the NeoCue and the results of our first study here.

The Team



Peter David Ph.D., CSO

Peter is a healthcare industry veteran, having founded and helped lead several diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies. At MedicalCue, he leads the company to deliver evidence driven tools to clinicians in real time with the goal of improving care. Prior to MedicalCue, he successfully raised funds and transitioned Retrotope from a virtual to actual pharmaceutical company, helping recruit the executive team.

In 2010, he was recruited to found a healthcare division for Sony, where he leveraged Sony’s network, computational and imaging expertise to build up a successful healthcare group. He has served as an advisor to early big data, medicine companies, notably Gene Network Sciences and Pharmix. In 1999, Peter helped grow Syrrx to a computer driven drug discovery company and arranged for the sale to Takeda.

Peter cofounded a nonprofit, BioE2E, the largest and most active network of biotech entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area, to improve biotechnology management and support entrepreneurship. He is an inventor on 13 US patents, covering microfluidics, software, and biofuels. Peter received his undergraduate degree from Oberlin College and Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Harvard University.

Peter Coelho M.D., Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Peter has nearly twenty years of experience treating patients in all aspects of medicine, giving him a unique perspective on the strengths and shortcomings of today’s healthcare system. He is trained in rural medicine, has practiced as a family physician, and became chief of staff at his hospital. As chief of staff, he helped lead a series of initiatives to improve and standardize care, culminating in a LeapFrog quality rating for his hospital that is first rank in areas of standards of care, and protocols. Pete is an award-winning family practice physician. 

Peter founded MedicalCue to improve the quality of care given to all patients, especially newborns. He holds 3 US patents and has an M.D. from University of California Davis Medical School and did his residency at North Colorado Medical Center.


Marie Alexander, CEO

Marie is a strong operations executive focused on building and growing companies in early stage markets. She excels at driving companies from the initial go to market and early revenue transitioning company to professional management. She has deep experience in monetizing data driven technology companies, and experience in later stage companies. She has extensive knowledge in numerous functional areas and has applied to breath of industries ranging from customer facing retail operations to Fortune 100 companies. She has exceptional business and human relations acumen and has a history of creating strong loyal teams based on development of community-based environment for employees. 


Rich Meader, Head of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

Rich has over three decades of experience in setting up and running quality systems. He first became VP of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs in 1988 and has held that title since at several companies including Calibra Medical (J&J), Solta Medical, Keravision, and B. Braun. Rich has deep technical expertise in electronic quality systems and FDA / California FDB compliance. He received his B.S. in chemistry from UCLA.


Thomas Fogarty, M.D., Chairman

An internationally recognized cardiovascular surgeon, inventor and entrepreneur, Dr. Fogarty has served as a founder, chairman or board member of over 30 business and research companies. During the past forty years, he has acquired 135 surgical patents, including the industry standard Fogarty balloon catheter and the widely used Aneurx Stent Graft that replaces open surgery aortic aneurysm.

Dr. Fogarty is the recipient of countless awards and honors, including the Jacobson Innovation Award of the American College of Surgeons and the 2000 Lemelson-MIT prize for Invention and Innovation. He was inducted into the Inventors Hall of Fame in December 2001, and received the Presidential Medal for Innovation in 2014. Dr. Fogarty has published approximately 180 scientific articles and textbook chapters in fields of general and cardiovascular surgery. Dr. Fogarty is currently Clinical Professor of Surgery at Stanford University. Previously, he has held positions as President, Medical Staff at Stanford University Medical Center, and Director, Cardiovascular Surgery at Sequoia Medical Center.

Martin Brotman, M.D.

Dr. Brotman has been Senior Vice President of Education, Research and Philanthropy at Sutter Health since 2012. Previously, he served as President of new West Bay region at Sutter Health, a parent company of California Pacific Medical Center.He also served as Chief Executive Officer of California Pacific Medical Center as well as its President and Member of Executive Management. Dr. Brotman was the Chief Executive Officer and President of St. Luke’s Hospital.

Dr. Brotman opened his practice in the 1960s, focusing on internal medicine, gastroenterology, and inflammatory bowel disease. He also provided his expertise in the field to several medical organizations, including his service as President of the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA), which recognized him with the Julius Friedenwald Medal, the organization’s highest honor. His professional advisory and leadership roles extend to service as the Chairman of the Subspecialty Board on Gastroenterology of The American Board of Internal Medicine, Chairman of the Board of the California Transplant Donor Network, and co- chair of the Hospital Council of San Francisco. For 40 years, Dr. Brotman has taught at the University of California, San Francisco where he is clinical professor of medicine. Dr. Brotman received his M.D. from University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine and did his residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Casey McGlynn, Esq., Corporate Secretary

Mr. McGlynn is a partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. Since joining the firm in 1978, he has been a member of the firm’s board of directors, and its Policy, Nominating, and Compensation Committees. Mr. McGlynn is a nationally recognized leader in the representation of startup and growth technology companies. His practice focuses on the organization, funding, and corporate representation of companies in the information technology, life sciences, and telecommunications industries.

Mr. McGlynn is a contributor to magazines and newsletters focused on angel and venture investing, and frequently speaks on issues relating to the organization and funding of new ventures. He was a founding member of BIO and served on the Emerging Company Board of BIO for over a decade. Mr. McGlynn is also a founder and director of Life Science Angels. Mr. McGlynn serves on the Boards of Myelin Repair Foundation, the Senior Advisory Board of Professional Women Healthcare Alliance, Medical Device Manufacturers Association, and Rubicor Medical. Mr. McGlynn earned his B.A. from Santa Clara University and J.D. from Santa Clara University Law School with highest honors.

Scott Minick, M.B.A.

Scott Minick was Managing Director at ARCH Venture Partners through January 2010 before becoming President and CEO of BIND Therapeutics, which he led through its IPO in 2013. Mr. Minick remains an active board member of several ARCH portfolio companies, including Chiasma. He was instrumental in the startup, development and financing of numerous portfolio companies including XenoPort, FastTrack Systems, MedVantx, Achaogen, BIND Therapeutics, Celula, Adolor, and Chiasma. Mr. Minick formerly served as Chairman of Xcyte Therapies through its IPO in 2004 and subsequent acquisition of Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Minick was President and COO of SEQUUS Pharmaceuticals and prior to that, served as President and CEO of OncoTherapeutics. Mr. Minick co-founded and was a director, President, and CEO of LXR Biotechnology from startup through its IPO. For over a decade, he was an executive of Baxter Healthcare, holding leadership positions in the device, service and diagnostics businesses. Previously, Mr. Minick was an executive at Eli Lilly. He received his postgraduate training in neurobiology at the Salk Institute, an M.B.A. from Northwestern University and a B.A. with Honors from the University of California at San Diego.


Suchi Saria, Ph.D.

Dr. Saria is an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University, with joint appointments in Computer Science and Engineering, the first faculty member to have an appointment spanning two independent schools at Johns Hopkins. The emphasis of her research is on Bayesian and probabilistic graphical modeling approaches for addressing challenges associated with modeling and prediction in real-world temporal systems.

Prior to Johns Hopkins she spent a year at Harvard University collaborating with Dr. Ken Mandl and Dr. Zak Kohane as an NSF Computing Innovation Fellow. She received her Ph.D. at Stanford University.

Barb Dehn, N.P., Nurse Advocate

Barb Dehn is a practicing Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, award winning author, and a nationally recognized health expert. A popular national speaker on all aspects of women’s health, she lectures at Stanford and is a frequent health expert on television. Nurse Barb has appeared on CBS, ABC, CNN, Good Morning America Now and NBC’s iVillageLive. 

She has received numerous awards and accolades for her work as a Nurse Practitioner, author and advocate for improved healthcare as well as for her work in philanthropy, corporate initiatives, and within the Silicon Valley community. Nurse Barb began her nursing career in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Stanford University. She holds a B.S. from Boston College and earned her master’s degree at the University of California, San Francisco.